Wednesday, March 19, 2008

another week passing

I am an ultimate procrastinator. I work best under pressure. I had big plans to have alot of stock piled away already for Merlefest coming up in a month, but so far only have 4 children's skirts and a couple leftover pieces from last year that I never put on the site. Two weeks before Merlefest I will be sewing like mad, and two days before Merlefest I will be kicking myself for not buckling down and sewing months ahead of time, as I look at my measely stock and get upset that once again I've ruined a great chance at making a good profit at a very good event. And you see, I know all this is going to happen. I'm not predicting the future, I know me, I know the future of this. Here it is 3pm on a Wednesday. Last week I got absolutely no sewing done, this week is now halfway over and I still have not turned on my machines. Today I need to go grocery shopping and should put in a few hours of work for Dennis. Will my machines be turned on tonight? Will I want to sew this week?

Instead I daydream and research the thing I want to be doing. Printing. Why do I do this? All winter I had down time that I could have been researching and daydreaming and probably DOING what I want to do now, but no, I have to do it during festival crunch time. A huge part of me knows I need to push these daydreams to the back burner, atleast until after Merlefest, and focus on what's at hand. But a small part of me, that small but REALLY loud and nagging part of me won't let it be. *sigh*

Besides being an ultimate procrastinator, my other problem is not being able to focus on one thing with all the focus it deserves. I get distracted by my daydreaming. Yep, this is and will be a recurring theme here. Whenever I get down or anxious about this, we'll be hearing about it again here :)

I printed a few pieces with the screen I made, but realized right away I'm going to need to practice to get to where I want to be. Today I did some research b/c I can't seem to get a clean print, the ink always seems to stick in the screen in atleast one spot, usually more. So I did a quick search and found a really helpful page- turns out I'm printing the wrong way. Also I let the ink sit too long on the screen and since it's water based it set in some spots and I think I've ruined the screen. But I'm OK with that. Really. That's what I'll keep telling myself. Haha :) But really, I kind of figured it was going to be a bit trial and error like most things I do. One screen gone bad, but I gained some knowledge on what was going wrong... hopefully. I guess I'll see the next time I print. It just sucks because the screens are so damn expensive, and I have so many ideas..... I'm looking at about $20 an idea just for supplies, and about 2 hours an idea for creating the screen, and that doesn't include the hours spent on design time. But the good thing is once the screen is made, as long as I don't go screwing it up again with leaving the ink too long, the screen will last through hundreds of printings.

You see, I wanted to incorporate screen printing into my clothing for the festivals this summer, starting with Merlefest. But I waited until 2 months before Merlefest to try it out, instead of in November which is when I bought all the stuff to do it (my birthday present). Had I not procrastinated trying it out, I might have been good at it by now. But nope. Now I'm just wasting precious sewing time. That's why I just need to go back to sewing and appliques until Merlefest is over, then spend a few days practicing , and maybe, just maybe I'll be ready to use it for Clearwater festival if I'm lucky.

Today, like many days in the past couple months, and many days interspersed in the past couple years, has been a day of pondering the future and pondering the idea of taking big steps, leaps and bounds. When is it time to go from baby steps to taking one big giant leap? My biggest fear is the lack of self control.

I was going to try to make this blog mostly image heavy, but decided sometimes I don't want to show pictures, I just need to get stuff out of my head.

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