Friday, March 28, 2008

signing off from crafty blogging, starting up doggy and me blogging

Haha, so I'm totally kidding on that title. Awww shucks, I know people are dissapointed, but no Doggy and Me blog. But for those who have followed my myspace blog, they know that our 1 year old Chocolate Lab named Miles aka Duke often plays a minor to lead roll in my blogging. Hey, we hear all about people's kids, Pat and I don't have kids yet, so my furry family members take the place.

I pretty much wasted my day away doing absolutely nothing productive, yet when it came to dinner I was feeling too lazy to cook anything, so I ordered in- I've been having a major craving for french fries, so I was sure to get a "side order" of fries with my dinner.... well the side order turned out to be a huge container, and they were so good that I couldn't resist eating them all. The aftermath- feeling very sick, very disgusted, and just pain. Yep, gluttony at its finest :)

So after moping around for an hour or so I knew I needed to get off my lazy ass and walk the dog, so I decided to make up a bit for all those fries, I'd treat us to the long walk around the neighborhood. All was going swell until about a couple minutes before we got home. We were powerwalking down the road, lucky for us the sidewalk was wet and muddy so I was walking in the street, b/c all of sudden I hear a deep growl and see a massive black mass come lunging out of the driveway we were walking by. Uh oh. This massive black mass is the massive Rottweiler that is notorious for misbehaving, thanks to its stupid owners.

Background: About a year ago our downstairs neighbor was walking her German Shepherd Chi dog. These stupid owners of the rottie had just installed an invisible electric fence and had left their rottie out there unattended. Any idiot who knows jack shit about invisible electric fences for dogs, knows that when you first install them you can't just leave your dog unattended and assume just b/c your dog got a shock, he won't try to go through. Sometimes they don't realize that's why, it takes alot of training, other times they're smart and know that one little shock and they're home free to rome the neighbor, small price for a free roaming gallivant. Anyways, so Michelle and Chi are walking, and this rottie goes through its electric fence and gets into a pretty bad fight with Chi. Apparently the owners weren't home or were oblivious their dog was loose getting into a fight in the street, so Michelle got their number and called them to let them know their dog might be hurt. The owners got a bit snobby, trying to make Michelle feel like it was her fault for their dog getting loose. Yep.

So yes, that deep growl and a lunging rottie. Uh oh. They had been chaining him for along time but tonight they must have decided to try the electric fence again. So he's lunging and growling and in an instant he hits the invisible fence, if he got shocked he didn't yelp, and he's coming full speed at me and Miles. Now maybe he was just excited and wanted to get loose to play, I don't' know this dog, I only know his reputation from attacking Chi dog. But I wasn't taking any chances. Actually I didn't have a choice, out of no where, well from way deep down inside of me, out came the biggest loudest growl I've ever heard out of myself (sometimes these growls come out when Pat makes me really mad, but nothing quite like this). Maybe it was all the oil pulsing through my veins from the massive amounts of french fries I consumed, maybe it was a survival response at the thought of my cute little pup getting mauled, maybe it was what little motherly instincts I have in me. But whatever forced that monstrous growl from me, it worked in protecting me and Miles. As soon as it burst out of me the rottie did an instant 360 and ran right back up into his yard, letting out a yelp when he reached the front door.

I probably had every neighbor peaking out their blinds to see what the commotion was. The owners came flying out of their house. I was in such shock at what had just happened, all I could yell is "your dog got into the street". The woman frantically yelled back, "are you ok". Me "yeah, but I heard it's not the first time this has happened". I was powerwalking as this dialogue was going on, so if she had a response to that I was too far to hear it. I had so much adrenaline pumping through my body, and when I finally came to my senses a few moments later and realized what had just happened, I burst out laughing. I laughed non stop for the few minutes left to our house.

So that's the end of my adventure with Dukey boy for the night. Now to set the record straight, I don't hate rotties and I know not all of them are vicious like they have reps to be. I have known a few of the sweetest rotties around. But when you have a dog that has a reputation of being aggressive, and you know that your dog has been aggressive towards other dogs and people, and people have a tendency to be afraid of these dogs, have some common sense people! You don't leave your dog unattended on an electric fence that you know he goes through.