Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh no that's not ropey

So without me noticing, Dukey was at it again, causing trouble. Only this time he really didn't mean to. I was on the computer this morning downloading tax forms for our last minute federal taxes when an error message came up saying one of my USB hubs was malfunctioning. oh no! look down, pull out my two cords in the USB, fix the problem, go to plug them back in..... oops. Dukey was being oh so good laying at my feet chomping away on Ropey, his rubber rope toy.... but it turns out my camera cord got tangled around ropey and got chomped on too, right through the wires. damn. that really sucks.

It sucks so much because we just put every penny we own towards our federal taxes today. in 2007 both Pat and I were independent contractors. This was my first year without having taxes taken out of my pay, so I learned alot today. Like put away a chunk every week for taxes at the end of the year! Ouch. I wonder if we had done estimated taxes every quarter if it would have felt like we got screwed so badly. I've always gotten all of my taxes back, I guess b/c I was in college and claimed the higher education credits. 2006 I made squat for money so I got it all back for being low income. This year, we paid out big time. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere financially, just another blow to take. So we made the decision last night to rent here for another year, keeping on track with our savings and paying down our debt like we've been doing so well at in the past couple months. It makes the most sense in every regard. I'm settled with the decision, not so heartbroken any more.

So I probably won't be sharing any pictures in the next week or so, atleast not until Dennis gets back from vacation and I get paid for this week. I'm running an environmental company this week.... put that one on the list :) It's not going too bad, very busy. Very busy the week before Merlefest, when I wish I could be sewing. It figures..... but it's really not so bad, I think it's keeping me from getting burnt out on sewing. I'm working on some hemp items now. I'm planning on putting all the pics in a gallery when I get back from Merlefest. This is the first year I've photographed most of the things I'll be bringing. It always ends up I put it off till last minute and then run out of time. I've regretted that on a few items, ones that I really loved and wish I had pictures to look back on.

Anyways, I want to get an hour of sewing in before Sex and the City. I have to get up REALLY early tomorrow, and have to work a REALLY long day. But I haven't watched my show in over a week now, and caught an episode last night. I'd been jonesing for it, ha! So I need to stay up WAY too late and watch it again tonight. Will draggin ass all day tomorrow be worth staying up too late? eh....