Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WIP- blocking it out

So I thought it was strange and cool at the same time that all of a sudden I'm stumbling across so many people talking or working with block printing. I know it's been around forever (literally), but when I went to start doing it a few years ago I couldn't find very much on it, never mind people actually doing it. I'm sure etsy has helped, that's what made me dig out my block printing stuff again a few weeks ago. I had another block that I had been saving, but since have taken up screen printing and been absorbed with that when it comes to printing. I sketched out my design last week and then put it back into the draw, thinking to myself that I need to focus on getting ready for vending. But after coming across a few of the blogs I read mentioning block printing, plus seeing a few cool printed paper items on etsy using it, I dug out my block once again today.

Now last night I set a goal for the week. I don't think I'm going to have much work this week with Dennis so I told myself I needed to make at least 2 adult pieces every day for the entire week (excluding my super busy weekend coming up). Or 2 child pieces to one adult piece. So at the end of the week I should have 10 more pieces to add to my vending stock. Yesterday, goal accomplished. Today.... errrr.... ummm.... well I got alot accomplished on this block!

I started this morning for about an hour, then got showered and ran some errands, then came back with plans on sewing to meet my goal. But that block was calling me, it nearly killed me putting it down before the shower. The only thing that really stopped me was the pain in my elbows, before I ever carved a linoleum block I didn't know I had muscles right above my elbow, haha!

So I just wanted to share my work in progress. I was good and didn't finish it, I have at least another hour to go. Here's it in it's current state, almost done. Just have to do the inside details and go around for the final touch ups. Then I'll test it out and make sure I don't have have any spots raised too high.

I find carving takes a long time, several hours depending on how detailed the design is and how big. Here's one that I did last year for some kid's t-shirts. The mandolin is what I carved and printed onto that moleskin fabric, then stitched it on to the shirt. I also made the music note and grass, but those I just cut out of foam and mounted on a piece of plexi glass. These tshirts were a bluegrass theme for Merlefest. For this bird I plan to use it on both fabric and paper when I finish it up. I'll be sure to post some pics when I do! I also plan to write up a little how to and my comparison to screen printing, just not in the next couple weeks, I've got some sewing goals to accomplish!

Pardon my appearance in that last one, I appear to have some kind of crazy bed head going on :) Speaking of hair, I'm probably cutting it off this weekend.... I loved having some bangs last spring and summer (when the above pic was taken), but when I see a pic like this one it reminds me that they require some work to look good, and this was one of the days I apparently didn't feel like doing the work :)

Oooo I wish I had more time, I have so much I'd love to share now that I'm on the topic of printing. More pics, a short tutorial, and some more of my two cents on the subject to come in the near future, I promise!
Well I did manage to make one dress today, have the second cut out and ready to be sewn. So I think I'll still make my goal despite starting my sewing at 4pm, it's just going to be a late night, definitely not getting to bed before midnight tonight :) Tomorrow I have a huge goal of getting up early, getting a short hike in since it finally feels like spring here, and then getting my 2 items sewn up. Ok I'm off, my night it growing longer with every paragraph here, ha!

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DancingMooney said...

Hunney, your carving is amazing! I can't wait to see the final product!