Monday, October 20, 2008

7 randoms

i was tagged by my good friend justice to post 7 randoms about myself. I'm going to cheat alittle and use a few from my previous randoms post :)

1. I have a ridiculous fear of spiders. So bad that I often have nightmares about them, that they're on my pillows, hanging from my ceiling. I wake up in complete terror, hiding under the covers or screaming obscenities, until Pat turns on the light to show me, no spiders. The semester I had field geology we were walking through webs all the time, and that's when i realized i have issues b/c I started having the nightmares nightly. It got to the point where I had to teach myself to realize I was dreaming... ya know, only stay under the covers for a few minutes instead of 10 minutes, and not having to turn on the light and ransack my bed making sure they didn't go into hiding :)

2. I'm a bit like a chameleon in that I can usually easily adapt to any social situation i'm put into.... this is a new realization for me, so thought i'd share :) I'm a bit of a social butterfly, and get in a slump if i don't get enough personal interaction. I thrive on the energy of people.

3. I self diagnosed myself with CDAS... Can Do Anything Syndrome. I think I can do anything and everything, and am a bit of a perfectionist at the same time. So i get a little distressed when I realize that I can't do that or i can't do that perfectly, haha! It's rough when I admit to myself that I Can't Do Everything :) I'm slowly changing my thinking so that when I see something I really like, instead of thinking, "Oh i can do that, I'll just do it myself", I instead acknowledge that Yes, I MAY be able to do that, but sometimes it's just better to leave it for someone else to do. How can I develop my favorite skills if I'm off doing a million things at once, without concentrating on a few. Although I'm all for trying everything once :)

4. I seriously think I suffer from a mild case of narcolepsy when driving in the car. As soon as I start driving I get overwhelmingly sleepy, sometimes to the point where it's painful to keep my eyelids open and I seriously consider pulling over to take a power nap. so not cool.

5. I often find myself mixing in spanish words when talking to myself, the dog and cats, or at any other time I find myself rambling on to no one in particular. And no, I'm not fluent in spanish, far from it.

6. I would shrivel up and decay if I didn't get into the woods atleast a few times a week- and I oddly prefer hiking by myself (well always with the dog, but sans other people). I guess it's kind of meditative for me.

7. I like stale popcorn- make it fresh (no microwave popcorn here!) with butter and let it sit in a bag overnight, mmm mmm good! I also liked those cheese curl things stale too, although I haven't had those in years.

So that's my 7 randoms for tonight. I'm going to tag Justine, Danielle, and Janelle, so if ya feel like it, random away chicas!

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