Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a long time coming

a long time coming.... in a few ways that's exactly what this post is about. first off, it's been a long time since I last blogged here- life outside of craftiness got crazy busy and I went back to personal blogging over on myspace. I'll admit it, I love my Myspace blog. I feel like it's the only place I can blab away to my friends without actually blabbing away to one of them in specific. It's just too convenient a way to check in to see what your friends are up to, I post a blog, and my friends are notified, whether they want to be or not. Here, not so much.

Anyways, so the inspiration to come back to my crafty blog is I just finished up a very interested temporary full time job during which I was craft time deprived. I was ok with it at first, but in the last week or so I started jonesing to get back into my studio. I found myself daydreaming of luxury eco fabrics..... oh how it had been so long since I've let myself purchase some more eco fabric. and for good reason, I'll admit, since I have quite a hord of it waiting to be used. But I've been good so I let myself indulge.

and indulge i did. if there is a fabric blissdom, i'm there. I went all out this time. yards upon yards of bliss. And i've made it official, bamboo is my eco fabric of choice for knit fabrics. All these years I've devoted myself to hemp.... as much as I love hemp, there's always been something lacking in the knit department. For wovens, I still prefer hemp over bamboo. Alteast for now. I purchased some 100% bamboo twill last year, and as much as I loved the sheen and texture, man did that stuff wrinkle to no end! even worse than hemp. I'm left with close to 10 yards of it, not knowing yet what I can sew that can handle looking permanently wrinkled. A stitchin friend suggested tiered skirts, and that just may be an idea.

But as far as hemp knits go, I've always felt that once I dyed them up, they always came out kind of rough looking. Not horrible, but just something that irked me a bit about it. Then I came across 100% bamboo fleece last year.... oh. my. blissdom. yes, bamboo fleece, 100% bliss. the smoothest silkiest bliss ever. blew the hemp fleece I'd been using right out of the water to the moon. and that was my first encounter with bamboo knit. tonight is my second encounter. I ordered some 95% bamboo 5% spandex knit.... and let me tell you, silky smoothness, luxury sheen..... hot damn! this stuff is HOT! There's no going back now, bamboo is my main thang as far as eco knits go. unfortunately the selection is slim as far as weights and textures go, but I'm hoping with time this will expand just as it did with the hemp.

not to give up completely on hemp knits, I decided to give a lycra blend a try. I ordered a hemp cotton lycra jersey and a hemp cotton lycra ribbed jersey. Based on swatches, I had a feeling the lycra may add a little of that smoothness I so adored with the bamboo. So hemp, you're on your last stand with me, once I dye up these lycra blends I will make my decision as to whether I will be going strictly bamboo or not.

But in all this bliss, my heart is aching for the one fabric I didn't get- the bamboo fleece. it was out of stock so I settled with the hemp fleece again (which much to my surprise was much lighter in weight that the batch I got a few winters back). I know the hemp can't compare to the bamboo when it comes to fleece, but I have some ideas I want to get going on, and the hemp will have to do until the bamboo is back in stock.

So I've indulged in ALOT of fabric this time around. That was a long time coming, this was my biggest eco fabric order yet as far as cost goes. Along time coming that I've had these ideas in my head and now have the fabric to execute them with. BUT, I've told myself that before I bust into all this new fabric, I will create a bunch of new items over the next month with the fabric I already have on my shelves, and cover the cost of the new fabric before I bust into it. OK OK OK, so maybe I'll let myself unwrap the bamboo jersey since I can't get the vision of wrapping myself up like a mummy in it. silky.

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Justine said...

Woo Hoo! You bet your ass that fleece is the shiz-nit!!!