Sunday, November 30, 2008

tagged! what i'm thankful for...

my friend justice has tagged me again- 5 things i'm thankful for this year. I'm going to change it up alittle to 5 UNIMPORTANT things i'm thankful for. The most important thing i'm thankful for is my family and friends (including my furry family members) so it would get kind of boring repeating 5 things about that :)

1. Wrist warmers for when i'm spending too much time on the computer.... no more ice cold hands!

2. That toasted Portugese roll and butter I just ate- man I wish I had another!

3. Reminiscing with my best friend Amber about when my grandpa used to bring us home "porkchop cookies" when he had a job in Bridgeport- they were these ginormous (about 8 inches round) chocolate chip cookies from a portugese bakery, like no cookie i've ever tasted. We crack up now that we know where the "porkchop" part came from, if only we had known what we were saying back in the day.... we just thought that was the name of the cookie, not some rude nickname for portugese people. (FIY i don't think my grandpa had anything against portugese people)

4. Hemp socks from my hemp supplier- man these are the most kick ass socks around! Thanks Justine for introducing me to them!

5. This one falls more under the important things i'm thankful for- the beyond generous bonus check my boss gave me this year. I have one of the most kick ass bosses around! And it's the times like when i looked at the number on that check that reminds me that I'm thankful for finishing up my degree depsite how hard it was those last few sememsters.

I'm not tagging anyone specific this time, so consider yourself tagged if you're reading this! tag, you're it :)

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J-momma said...

oh my gosh, the pork chop cookie story is so funny! hope you had a good thanksgiving.