Tuesday, November 11, 2008

thanks for making me smile today

Over the years I've been blessed by lots of feedback on my products. I've had several people email me wondering how I got so many people to give me feedback, so I figured I'd share with everyone. When I make a sale I try to always send a "thank you" email (although I must be the first to admit I'd been slacking on this over the summer but have forced myself to make this a necessary again) and in this email I let the customer know that I would love to hear what they think of the item when it arrives. And when I ship the item, I always make sure to hand write a little note thanking them again and letting them know I'd love to hear what they think. I think the email is key b/c then you are already making it easier for the person to send you a quick note as they don't have to search for an email, just hit reply.
The reason I always let people know I would love to hear what they think is because in my opinion we as a society have grown so used to buying things online where things are so anonymous and impersonal, that sometimes we just need a little reminder when we're dealing with an online seller that tries to make things personal and cares tremendously what people think about their products- the products they have put their heart and soul into making. Taking the moment to let people know that I really love to hear what they think of their new purchase has brought me many "made days" when I receive a nice little note, kind of like today.

Over the weekend I finished up a custom crocheted hat for a lovely gal Katherine. She received it yesterday and was kind enough to send along this little note, making my day:
I just got the tam yesterday and it is beautiful! I absolutely love it! Your craftsmanship is excellent and I can't forsee taking it off anytime soon. The other tams I have don't even compete with yours! I would love to seek you out in the future perhaps for another tam since what you made for me is so perfect! Again, thank you so much for working with me to create my ideal tam. Be well,

It's the notes like these that keep me going when sales are dreadfully slow like they currently are. When I start questioning the appeal of my products, when the little bit of doubt starts creeping in- a customer like Katherine takes the moment to make my day and remind me just why I do what I do.
A few other things that have made me smile today is the new design for a stretch hemp jersey top that I made up the sample for today. I adore the shirt and the fabric even more- I was afraid that having so much stretch to it would cause the fabric to "ripple" at the seams- a problem I sometimes have with the non stretch jersey. But much to my surprise there was absolutely no rippling- I guess the lycra helps prevent the stretching out, as odd as that seemed to me. This is a beautiful fabric and I can't wait to see how it dyes up. I just have to tweak the pattern slightly, then finish drafting the pattern for a bamboo dress and make up the sample/tweak the pattern, then I'll be ready to do a garment dye batch with all my new patterns! I'm expecting by the end of next week (well depending on how much work I have at the day job) I will be able to debut the new designs, finally!
In all my eco fabric bliss, working up the samples, the Dukester patiently awaits our outside time. Yesterday him and the cats were rolling around in a pile of hemp fleece scraps bound for the garbage that had fallen to the floor. Afterwards he nudged me and I looked down to find his head covered in little white fleece balls. Adoring the way the white fleece looked against his shiny chocolate coat, and always loving to "torture" my animals with too much love, I gave Dukie a little bow tie of hemp fleece..... see, everyone looks good in hemp! Isn't he just adorable? I've been smiling since yesterday everytime I look at that white fleece bow tied around his neck.
and of course I can't forget about the other two furry friends that keep me company during the day. I miss the days when they used to sleep together like this.... the little things that keep me smiling....