Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the cat's out

No, no, not those cats, they're indoor kitties :) I'm talking about that metaphorical cat that hangs out in the bag of untolds and secrets. And i'm letting him out of that bag- I'm pregnant! Our first bambino is due May 14th... I'm currently about 19 weeks along, and feeling great! Here's our first picture of the baby, at about 13 1/2 weeks..... yep, i have an alien growing in me.....
I just started showing right after Thanksgiving at about 18 weeks and snapped this first baby bump picture..... but really I wasn't quite sure if i was actually "showing"- I'm pretty convinced that was about 1/2 baby bump, 1/2 five days of Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers pigout.

And no that's not a dislodged twin back there, that's just my naturally voluptuous bum.
So i've been feeling really great so far. I've had a few cravings that stand out- cheeseburgers and lemons (not together). I swear I've eaten more cheeseburgers than I have in the past 5 years total. And lemons..... man all I want is a big ol' glass of fresh squeezed lemonade, and that's exactly what i've been having. We drew names on Pat's side of the family for christmas presents this year, with a $50 limit- we're supposed to supply a short lists of "wants" in that price range.... all I really want for Christmas is a 50 pound bag of lemons for squeezing and enough juicy cheeseburgers to make up whatever price difference there is :)
Just this past week I stopped being able to button my regular jeans.... I guess not too bad, made it 18 weeks without having to get new pants. I've still been doing my regular hikes with the dog and plan to throughout the rest of the pregnancy.... that's how i get my exercise. Although i'll be the first to admit I've been feeling a little lazier than usual.
Anyways, I felt it was time to share with my online friends :) I also posted my new-ish Flickr account link over on the sidebar.... I'm planning on using it more often now to document my creations, my growing belly, and life in general- kind of like a picture blog i guess.


Justine said...

I love you girlfriend! I cried a good bit reading and seeing the pics. I'm SOOO happy for you!

thepeacefulpeacock said...

Woo hoo!!!! Now you've left me wanting lemonade. Congrats, little mama!

Bobbie said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!! I was so excited to see you post to my blog. Someone that can relate to drilling. My awesome Geologist friend :)

I'm SO fricking excited for you!!!

Hope works is great tomorrow :)

J-momma said...

lemons huh? that is too funny. maybe you should ask for a gift certificate to Wendy's for some cheeseburgers on the go!

and you think it's an alien now, just wait till it turn two! that's when it starts acting like an alien. and not a friendly ALF alien. more like the hostile, take-over your planet alien. ha, ha, ha, ha....(that's an evil laugh, from Mateo).