Monday, December 22, 2008

making a difference?

Today I finally "unlazied" myself and updated my site with several new items from my summer festival vending stock that I was too lazy to add to my site until now. And not only did I get myself to photograph, measure, and add all the new stuff to my site, I even dragged my ass out onto my frigid front porch to take some modeled outdoor photographs. Ideally I would have gone into the backyard for a better quality picture, but i was cold enough stepping outside that the front porch had to do. I used to always model any of the clothing I could fit into because I think it's good to show the item on a human to get a better idea of fit. I used to always photograph these modeled pics outside. But laziness and being tired of dealing with uncooperative weather had me skipping these pics this year. So now hopefully I'll get back into the habit.

I also photographed some older items being modeled from my last update. Personally I think showing a piece of clothing on a human makes a difference when buying online..... but that's just my opinion when shopping online for clothing, I wonder if it makes a difference with the majority of everyone else shopping online? I really like this detail shot of the Sweeping Leaves Bamboo Fleece top. Done with my new camera- oh man does this camera rock when it comes to self portraits (ie me modeling the clothing)- it has a timer option that takes the picture only when the camera sees your face. so no more setting the timer and running over in place to try to get there in time and fix myself before the camera clicks. it rocks!

So one of the downfalls of being too cold to go into my backyard to take the pics is my backdrop on my porch is pretty shitty. It's distracting. So I use my photoshop skills to try to make it better. This is the original, straight out of the camera.

The background is really distracting. In the 7 years I worked at a photography studio, I managed to learn lots of good tips on editing photographs. Who knew that job would come so much in handy in the future! At the studio I learned burn burn burn in photoshop. Burn down the edges and corners of the photograph to make the subject pop. And that's what I usually do when I get that in depth with editing. So that's what I did with this picture so try to draw the attention to the subject, burn down the background as seen in this picture below.

Except in this case I wasn't feeling satisfied with the results. Burning down the background usually can work wonders, but with this particular background it didn't. And that's when my brain clicked and thought Dodge dodge dodge. if burning down the background didn't work, then maybe lightening up the back ground would work. Well in the photo below I selected the background and lightened it in Levels, but Dodging would yield very similar results.... the method i chose I just found easier to make it an even lightness.

I'm pretty happy with the results considering with what I was dealing with. The subject definitely pops more than with the burning. Of course this method gives the picture a very distinct look- that it's obviously been altered. This obviously wouldn't work with most pictures, but for me it works in this case it's a product picture.

Anyways, I spent way too much time editing those photographs. I'd much rather have to do minimal editing, which requires a decent background. Unfortunately a decent outdoor background is very limited at my apartment. I would definitely have to venture out past my front porch.... into the cold.... cold.... cold backyard that is covered with 8 inches of snow. yep, I'll be making do with these porch shots for a while!


DancingMooney ♥ said...

I like the middle picture best. It reminds me of something I'd see in Aeropostale catalogue.

Happy Holidays sweetie!


DancingMooney ♥ said...

I mean Anthropologie... *giggles*