Monday, December 29, 2008

who would have thought.....

Emma's Cloth Diaper Stash photograph by twelve paws over on flickr

well atleast i would have never thought at this moment in time my free computer time would be consumed by cloth diapers. While we're excited and have already welcomed this little baby growing within me into our family, this pregnancy was not planned.... not prevented, but not planned either. After we got married we kind of went with the idea of fate deciding our future regarding children. And here I am just over a year later, 5 months pregnant and spending what seems like way too much time researching just one aspect of raising this baby- cloth diapering. I've made the decision to try to cloth diapers.... i honestly had never even pondered the thought of what kind of diapering I would use with my children until a few months ago. I know some women dream of the day when they have their first child, and all the ways they'll go about raising it. i wasn't one of them.

Luckily for me, the internet is so full of open arm resources on the subject- so many mamas sharing their trials and errors and what worked and what didn't. I've spent so many hours over the past couple weeks researching the subject that i'm feeling near expert on the subject for someone who has not yet actually used a cloth diaper. all the terms, abbreviations, types of systems, so much to learn. But I think i've settled on using the fitted diaper style for the newborn stage. And once the baby is born I'll go from there, once i really become the expert (i'm guessing that changing 12-18 diapers a day during the newborn stage makes you an expert pretty fast, hehe). Thanks to the lovely Julie for sharing all of her mama resources, I found this fitted pattern by Mama Bird for a fitted diaper that hopefully will do the trick for the tricky (or so i've read, haha!) breastfed newborn cloth diapering. Julie also so very kindly sent me a set of her own contoured diaper pattern, which I think will be a good and faster to sew option when things start to firm up in the messy #2 department. I chose to start off with the fitted style b/c of the leg and back elastics helping to prevent "blowouts" common to newborns (see all this new lingo i've learned!).

So I spent a few hours today starting my diaper sewing. I haven't really been in the mood to sew clothing lately, so I figured atleast this would make good use out of my time when I'm not working at the day job. Just based on what I have in my stash, I'm going with a 100% bamboo twill outer and a hemp/organic cotton fleece inner. I'm using the hemp fleece for the soaker too, and am still debating whether or not to throw in a layer of microterry (the synthetic kind found in the automotive section, from what i hear they can hold an enormous volume of liquid) in the very center of the soaker for added absorption. I got the outer layer and inner layer of the diaper cut out today- 24 of them. I was aiming for 30 newborn diapers but underestimated the shrinkage of my fabrics. I have about a quarter of the soakers cut out, but then i ran out of the washed hemp fleece- this stuff really shrinks in length. I lost almost a foot from a 3 yard cut just from shrinkage. The shrinkage in width was pretty minimal, but definitely there.

I find it odd that I'm so looking forward to finishing up the very first one, holding it up, doing the whole Ooooo and Ahhhhhh thing when i see this little tiny cloth diaper and imagining this little tiny baby fitting in it. I guess my motherly instinct and a bit of nesting is starting to develop :) Anyways, that's what I've been up to in sewing. I'll get back to everyone in 6 months on whether or not I was even close to prepared to cloth diaper, and if all the stuff i read actually pertains to this kiddo. Haha!

OH and I did do a little clothing sewing this week too.... January's challenge over at Gypsy Road is to make something for yourself.... I used this as the motivation to design and sew a new dress for myself. I had fun with it b/c I went down and dirty with the actual sewing- I made it out of hemp jersey and skipped the serging, just straight stitched it since the knit won't fray. I just need to change the neckline to something a little more flattering for me and I'll post some pics.


thepeacefulpeacock said...

Perfect choice--if we didn't already have all the gear with prefolds and covers I'd do the same.

You can just make "doublers" out of the super absorbent fabric and use them if you need to. Every kid is different so that would be a good way to go--whip up a few to try out (hourglass shaped is helpful).

The contoured diaper w/ a cover is perfect for 2-8 months or so because you can use your covers over and over again before washing. When they really start trucking around and aren't going through as many wet diapers an All-In-One is good to go back to. It's tough to catch a wriggly, crawling baby and even tougher to master multiple diapering steps while they're trying to get away.

You can use the pattern I sent you as a base for All-In-Ones--it's a pretty forgiving size. Whew--that was a lot!! Have fun and can't wait to see your dress!! J.

J-momma said...

i'm not that surprised you want to do cloth diapering. seems i wish you good luck. i don't think i could do it. well, we both know i certainly can't sew one. i just noticed the picture of my little guy on your slide show.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Baby?!?! Did I miss something? You're having a BABY?!!! Oh my gosh, woman Congrats!!!!! And what better a time to have a baby than late spring, early summer... that's the perfect time of year! Hehee...

Okay, i'm just all kicks and giggles over here! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

xmas said...

Very cool that you're cloth diapering. I find it to be an increasingly popular choice these days. Five years ago when my son was in diapers I didn't know anyone else who used them. Now with Sabine, when people find out she wears cloth their eyes don't get that huge, bulbous look of shock.

I use picket diapers now, which I bought used and I find to be much easier than the prefolds I used with Jacob.

I wondering if you've put two and two together yet and decided to sell hand-made diapers on your website when you figure out what works.

Anyway, congratulations and good luck with your baby! I'm looking forward to possibly seeing more "Little Ones" choices on your website now that you'll have one of your own!

xmas said...

I mean POCKET diapers....hehe