Saturday, January 10, 2009

another WIP

I did mention how accomplished I've been lately, right? hehe, yes I sure have :) Today I made up a custom padded pouch (which I spaced on photographing before mailing it off to its new owner) and started another wrap top in size Medium/Large. With this brand new applique.....

I decided to go along with a theme of spinning off my common appliques to create new ones. This lotus leaf and buds will go across the front wrap section, and I'm pondering adding a full bloomed lotus to the hood. I like adding an applique in the front and back of a piece so it gives off uniqueness no matter what angle you see it at- so I'll probably end up adding the lotus to the hood. I have this top all cut out and the front applique done, machine all threaded and ready to start stitching.
I also managed to use up another piece of my hemp jersey stash! I keep almost all of my hand dyed eco fabrics on the top shelf of my fabric shelving unit.... up until a few weeks ago this shelf was packed to the absolute max.... i could hardly even pull out a piece of fabric b/c it was shoved in there so tightly. But as you can see on that right side (my knit side) there's almost 4 inches of head space now!!! And I think I've already got plans for that cranberry red jersey about halfway down the pile.

I'm planning on having this top finished up by tomorrow. And then to start on that cranberry this coming week. I'll probably hold off adding this new top until I've finished one more piece.... I don't want my mailing list folks to start feeling like I'm spamming them!
I've been taking little breaks all day- it's snowing out again and Pat is putting in another overtime shift at work with plowing, so it's just me and the animals again this Saturday evening. I'm debating whether to sew for alittle longer or go find a movie to watch and label my soap bars. I'm finding it very interesting how over the past week or so my sales are picking back up, becoming more how they were before I fell into such a creative slump this past year. I'm a firm believer that every person puts off their energy which influences what comes their way. I think this new found energy (or the return of an old energy?) I've been putting into Magnolia Skies is already working its magic :) Now let's hope I can continue to feel this inspired!


Kreated by Kelly said...

I love your applique work! Marvelous!

I tend to agree with you about how the creative energy we put out determines what comes back to us. Part of me doesn't want to believe it because I don't like thinking that bad things are going to happen when I am in a slump. If those two sentences make sense, you know what I mean. I sit there and try to trick myself into feeling the positivity so that I can be successful when deep inside it isn't positive. *smiles*

Good thing right now I am positive!!!

donna said...