Friday, January 16, 2009

Decisions, decisions

sometimes it's just so hard to make decisions. When one part of you is saying GO FOR IT! and the other part of you is saying TISK TISK you know you shouldn't do that. I've been wanting to take a screenprinting class for about 6 months now. Back when I was making mad loot at my crazy health and safety position over the summer I almost signed up. Money wasn't the issue then, it was the issue of am I going to miss too many classes since we tend to be out and about more in the summer. So then I told myself I would sign up for my birthday present in November. But then I ended up getting that kick ass camera instead. And now their winter classes are starting next week and I was SO close to signing up. But this time around it's the money issue. A huge part of me is saying DO IT, this is the perfect time- you know you won't be able to take that class for a while if you wait till after the baby arrives. But then that nagging conscious in me is saying HELLO! you have a baby coming in a few months and you are planning to start house hunting in just a month, save your money! When I think about potentially buying a house in the next couple months the nagging little conscious wins. Especially when I combine that with the thought of being out of work for a few months when baby arrives. I guess I'll make a last minute decision on Monday.... or atleast find out when their next session is- I might be able to make the next session, and by then I'll know if we're buying a house or having to stay put in our apartment for a little while longer. Well atleast I know I'll be starting my prenatal yoga classes next week- Pat's dad got me a gift certificate to the yoga studio for Christmas (we drew names this year) so that classes are already over half paid for. That made that decision easy :)

Well I'm still remaining accomplished this week :) Just got finished adding these two hemp wrap tops to the site. I had big plans to make the cranberry one in a plus size so that I had a nice variety of sizes, but when I went to cut out my pattern I realized I was short almost a yard for that size. The fabric width was about 6 inches too narrow to make the plus size shirt, meaning I would have to use an extra yard..... bummer.

This weekend I have to dye up a couple batches of hemp fabric for Taylor of Little Hippie.... She's getting her spring/summer line in the works so I'll have quite a few batches to do over the next month. There's nothing better than the Fedex man showing up with a 60 yard roll of hemp fabric that I didn't have to pay for. Sure I don't get to keep it, but it's almost just as fun dyeing it up and not feeling guilty about already having way too much in my stash, hehe :)
All this cold weather (we're in a middle of an Arctic blast cold spell- single digit temperatures, brrrrrrr!) has kept me inside the past couple of days. The Dukester hasn't been too happy about it. He's just too damn cute.... here he is patiently waiting at the front door.... please oh please just take me for a hike, please pretty pretty please....


Justine said...

Love the new tops Heather!

thepeacefulpeacock said...

Those tops are GORGEOUS!!

There's an old saying: Babies come with loaves of bread.

And it's true. Take the class!!!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Those tops are gorgeous! I'm loving them!! And your pup too. I used to have a chocolate lab... he was the best dog ever! :)