Monday, January 19, 2009

sneak peek

I just finished up this hemp jersey tunic.... pardon the crappy pic, our house turns from bright and sunny during the day to a dark dungeon at night- the lighting in here sucks! I'm still working on busting down my dyed hemp stash. Another piece of hemp jersey off the shelf! I love this chocolate brown and dusty rose color combo..... and this style sews up relatively quickly, so I focused on a simple yet elegant applique and added a kangaroo style pocket for a little sass. I still need to toss it in the wash and dryer to smooth out some seams- I find that no matter how careful I am when working with this jersey, occasionally the seams stretch a little when I sew, such was the case with the kangaroo pocket. But I found that tossing the garment in the wash and then dryer smooths those seams right up!
It was nice to start and finish this entire piece this evening. Now tomorrow I can start afresh with a new piece- I have another hemp jersey tunic already semi planned out in another size and another hemp jersey wrap top that I think I can do in a plus size like I had originally intended with the Cranberry Blossom wrap. I'm guessing I'll end up making another few hemp jersey tops before I get bored again with tops.... then maybe I'll move on to busting down my hemp wovens stash.... Or bust into all those new hemp and soy knits that have been calling to me from the corner of the room :) Or maybe I'll finish up one of those tossed aside works in progress that I unearthed earlier this evening. I usually don't toss aside clothing projects unless they start giving me way too much trouble or start turning out to not be what I envisioned. One of the projects I pulled out tonight was a hemp jersey wrap dress that I started just over 2 years ago. It was about when I started working with hemp jersey for the first time, when I hadn't perfected my patterns for knits yet. I tossed the dress aside when the fit wasn't what I wanted and at the time I wasn't feeling the patience to figure out a fix, but now I know it's an easy fix- just take in the side seams a bit at the waist for a defined/fitted look and it will be perfect. Then it's a blank slate for some nice applique work and I'll have a brand new dress design! Fun fun!

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Justine said...

You're on a roll! I'm so glad you are inspired--I think it's contagious, cuz it's here, too! The itch to stitch, that is!
I'm snaggin' yer idea for the mailing list on the sidebar--brilliant!