Sunday, February 15, 2009

the color of love

I just added this little tunic dress to my etsy shop as part of my made to order eco line. I dyed up that red color this week and am pretty happy with it- i like the color itself, but was expecting something a bit darker and more burgandy-ish I guess. It's Oxblood Red by Dharma Trading- but I'm calling it Twilight Red :) The bamboo jersey came out a much darker and vibrant red- more of a true red, more of what I was expecting. It always amuses me to see how the different fiber contents take the dye so differently. I've found that bamboo without a doubt takes the dye the best- it just sucks it right up and always is several shades darker than the hemp. So I'm still on my quest for the "perfect" red.... I may try mixing Burgandy with some black as recommended by a fellow fabric dyer. Adding black to this oxblood red may even do the trick, guess I'll find out next time.

I have plans to dye up another color this week- maybe some avocado green? That is if my washer doesn't die on me during today's laundry..... it started making some strange noises several months back when I put it on the heavy duty setting- which is what i use to dye fabric (for lots of agitation) and for Pat's work clothing. Well this past week while dyeing the red fabric it all but died.... the screeching noises coming from that poor washer could have only been the screech of death nearing. It actually did die during the spin cycle, that poor engine just couldn't do it anymore. I turned it off for a bit and got it working again. I'm hoping with a little love I can get it to last atleast a few more months. I hate the idea of dyeing fabric in a new machine.

Well I should get back to doing something a bit more productive. I have plans for a few more tops for my eco line, and have a one of a kind hooded wrap top in the works. Depending on my day job work schedule this week and if the weather will cooperate with my plans, I'm hoping to do a photo shoot this coming weekend with my friend Emily with all the new eco line pieces. It will be nice to have better pictures of the items being worn since so many of them will be more flattering looking on someone who isn't almost 7 months pregnant! There's only so many poses I can do to minimize the bulge! With alittle motivation and self control I think I can get the pieces done up in her size this week :)

OH! And to celebrate the weekend of love, I'm offering free shipping on any clothing item (on my etsy shop or my website) to my friends and mailing list folks through Friday February 20th- just leave a note in the transaction that you are on my mailing list or read my blog and I will refund the shipping :)

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