Saturday, February 21, 2009

taking time out to grow a little tree hugger

I should have been doing the dishes, I should have been working on clothing for my site, I should have been cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room, I should have been cleaning in general, I should have been updating my website..... shoulda shoulda shoulda..... But instead I was taking some time out to grow my little tree hugger. It all started Thursday night when I came across this fabric at the fabric store.

It was too cute that I couldn't pass it up, but at first I couldn't figure out what I would do with it.... then as I passed through the aisles of flannels and nursery prints.... Duh!..... a baby blanket! What better way than to start instilling values into our kiddo from the get go with this adorable cozy little blanket. I decided to back it with some cozy brown flannel, and while I was in the flannel aisle I spotted two other adorable prints. And even better, I actually managed to sew up my ideas right away! Between a few hours last night and a few hours today I sewed up these two baby throws.

The other print is a flannel elephant print, too stinkin' cute since I do adore elephants. I'm set on doing the baby's room (when we eventually get to the point of having a baby room) in a bright green and seem to be drawn to an animal/tree theme. The third fabric I bought for a baby blanket is the same green and brown color scheme and has elephants, tigers, and monkeys on it. We'll see if I get around to making the third blanket, I'm just super impressed I got myself to whip these up.

And while making up these blankets I even learned a new skill- how to apply a binding. I somewhat followed these great instructions by the Heather Bailey fame. I binded these blankets with the chocolate flannel.... and LOVE how professional looking my mitered binding corners came out! At first I was just going to take the lazy way out and stitch and turn, no binding. But I'm in the process of making some baby quilts so I figured this would be the perfect chance to learn how to do a binding. And I was psyched to see with a little tutorial it's easy!

Oh and I even tried out my latest sewing tool, the magnetic seam guide. It worked pretty well, but I quickly realized it really depends on how evenly your hems are folded..... and since I was whipping up these blankets pretty quickly mine weren't very perfectly folded. But I think it will come in handy in future projects.


Danielle said...

very cute mama!!!

J-momma said...

so cute! i can't wait for your little tree hugger to come. is your mom planning a shower?

ruralmamma said...

holy love it!.. will you share who makes the tree hugger one or where to find.. or did you and I missed it... I rarely get the chance to go in crafty stores my handfulls would go nuts! haha and so might my hubbie after seeing the bank acct :) I use that tutorial from Heather Bailey all the time! I printed it out like a year ago and taped it on my wall by my sewing table. Isnt it great!!! Def. professional!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Too stinkin' cute is right! I love both those fabrics... Yay!!