Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I finally finished up the last of the newborn size cloth diapers the other day. 21 total. I decided to make them in batches over the past couple months so I didn't get burned out and end up not finishing them. A plan that worked out well. I used 100% bamboo twill for the outer and hemp/organic cotton for the lining and soaker.

I had thought about making all the sizes I would need, but after chatting with a cloth diapering friend, she recommended getting some one size fits all diapers since they will last the whole diapering time of baby and reduce the amount of diapers we'll need. This was after I bought some really cute handmade fitted flannel ones in size medium from a seller on ebay. So I bought a batch of one size fits all All-in-ones and a batch of one size fits all fitteds with waterproof covers that I can use with all the diapers that aren't waterproof. I probably have way too many diapers now for the sizes past newborn, but that's ok, they'll get their use. We plan on having alteast a few kids and hopefully the majority of these diapers will be quality enough to last through all of the kids.
I finally told my mom and Pat's mom that we planned on cloth diapering. I had a feeling my mom would be cool with it since I recall her saying she had cloth diapered, but figured Pat's mom would think I was nuts since his family tends to be very disposable oriented and not very concerned about the environment. But to my surprise she seemed very open to it and had cloth diapered her kids too. So it was nice to know our choice would be supported by the grandmas :)

Anyways, now that the diapers are finished, I finally feel like I can get back to sewing for Magnolia Skies. The next couple of weeks will be spent working on some customs- I have a hemp wedding gown to get done in the next month, two smocked dresses for my oh so talented friend Grace, and a wrap top for the lovely Julie, whom I'm doing a partial trade for one these cuties she makes....

patchwork pachyderm
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