Thursday, April 9, 2009

oh boy, the panic has begun

Just a little update on this gorgeously sunny day.... I went in for my DR appointment yesterday- you know, the routine checkup that was happening every two weeks. Only this one she started the internal exam.... and told me the baby's head was settled down into my pelvic area and I was dilated one centimeter, a little ahead of the game. What exactly that means, I'm completely clueless. As soon as I heard the words "you" and "dilated" my entire being went into freeze mode. By the time I got home I was thawing out and then the panic started to settle in. Dilated???? Me???? I'm still supposed to have 5 weeks to go. Since I was in too much of a stupor to ask the DR what being one centimeter dilated meant as far as a timeline, I immediately busted out that pregnancy book pat's sis gave me. I've been somewhat avoiding the "Birth and Labor" section, but last night was the night to stop that. Sure enough, according to that book, the first stage of labor is when the cervix starts to dilate. Just reading that gave me the chills. So. Not. Ready. Luckily they also said that this first stage of dilation to 3 centimeters can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks without the mom even knowing it's happening.

So now I'm trying not to freak out and panic that I'm going to go into labor way before my due date. I'm telling myself that a "couple weeks" surely can mean 5 weeks, and that I should remain calm until I can ask my DR at my visit next week how far along I am and if she thinks there's a good chance of me going significantly earlier than my due date. I figure that if it starts making me absolutely crazy between now and Wednesday when i see her again, I'll give her a call. But I'd like not to be that crazed, panicked pregnant woman, hehe :)

Funny how just a few days ago I was longing to get this baby out so I could start wearing my normal clothes.... those cute skirts that spring always brings.....

So here's to hoping for a VERY S L O W L Y dilating cervix to 3 centimeters. And little baby in there- I don't mind you coming a little early, but please no more than 2 weeks early..... atleast wait until after the baby shower my mom is throwing for me this way you'll atleast have a few things. Oh and just in case I'm freaking out for nothing, please try not to be too late either :)


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you're in my thoughts sweetie...

I've not been the best blog reader lately, but in some respects, that's a good thing... means I'm keeping busy. *giggles*

P.S. Is there any chance you're a little further along than you think?

thepeacefulpeacock said...

1 cm dilated can ABSOLUTELY happen 5 weeks in advance. Don't sweat it. You're fine. ;-) Your body knows what it's doing and I bet if you talk to your mama she probably had a similar experience...both of my labors ran almost exactly like my mom's did.

Relax. Take a deep breath. And if the baby comes early (as of next week) everything will be perfectly fine healthwise.

And you're never ready. No one is.

Big hugs comin' your way!!!!

J-momma said...

oh my gosh! i didn't realize you were that close. i hope you last till your shower at least so you can get all your stuff. oh, helpful tip from having a newborn for 3 days now (i know, i'm such an expert). i hope you registered for those swaddling thingys with the velcro. you CAN NOT have too many of those. especially since babies spit up, like, a million times a day. and i hate doing laundry. so, yeah, you might wanna get a few of those. and now, whether you have a girl or boy, i'll have clothes for you :)
actually, i have some newborn sleeper things that are too small for Maya already. if you have a girl, i'll give them to you. but they won't fit for long. have you settled on a definite name for each gender? i'll call you soon to catch up.