Saturday, October 31, 2009

possibly my favorite...

song ever.....

it's not very often i find a song that makes it into my seasonal "randomly delicious" mixes for more than one season.... this one found its way there in summer 2008 and is still going strong. Funny thing is I really can't listen to any of their other songs, just a bit too mellow for me. But this one, well i love it :)

So that's it for today, I just finished up Tanner's bear suit for Halloween tonight.... original, right? Yeah, I'm saving my originality in the costume department for when he can actually go out and trick or treat. This year we're just pushing him around in the stroller and collecting candy on his behalf.... OK i'm totally kidding on that one! This subject has come up numerous times with different friends, about seeing parents bringing around their newborn baby trick or treating and collecting candy. I get a total kick out of that. No, we'll be saving the trick or treating till he can walk and we feel OK with him receiving mass amounts of candy :) Tonight we'll just be showing him off to the grandparents so they can get their "oooos" and "awwwwwsss" in.

Anyways, I'm feeling in a kind of funny mood. Now I'm off to make up a bunch of fabric headbands for the boutique Dava I consign at here in CT.... tis the season to start stocking up my holiday stuff for Dava, especially since the sewing studio will probably be down for a good couple weeks when we move into the new house.


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jules said...

hahaha--we totally took nico trick-or-treating last year just so I could have the candy!