Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dipping my toes into everyone's puddles

With so much talk of job loss these days, I'm grateful for being blessed with the skills I have and for all the opportunities that have poured into my lap. I sometimes wonder if opportunities rain into every ones laps, but some people just aren't tuned in to jump into the puddle.
I've come to learn about myself that I'm happiest as a "Jayne of all trades".... it keeps me, well, on my toes. I tend to bore easily, so having so many puddles to jump in and out of keeps me from boredom. And it's nice that all of them allow me to have Tanner with me, including my part time dayjob as an environmental geologist.... something I feel so blessed with. About once a week I have a friend watch him so I can get in some field work, but the other couple hours a week I can bring him into the office. My current puddles include my own puddle Magnolia Skies, my environmental job, my custom dyeing for Little Hippie, and most currently.... young and hip marketing extraordinaire for a photography studio. OK, well maybe not hip, and definitely not extraordinaire..... I'm just trying to psyche myself up for this.

I just made arrangements with my old boss from the photography studio to do some marketing for them. I'll be blogging for them, keeping up a flickr site with their images, and whatever other "hip" marketing strategies I can think of. I'm really excited for this.... something easy to do from home with Tanner, and I think it is going to be fun. If you asked me 3 years ago if I would ever get back into the wedding business again, I might have shot you down with an evil eye, HISSSSSSSS, back you demon!!! But taking a breather from over the top weddings and having pursued my own path, I'm ready to jump into something new. Or old, depending how you look at it.

Anyways, this new opportunity presented itself while getting a beautiful fall portrait done with my old boss and his wife......


Banana said...

dang girl! you are one busy mama! the family portraits turned out so sweet! that lil man is growin' like a weed.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

You three really are a beautiful family. ♥

and congrats on all the projects... I'm one of those janes of all trades types too... keeps me fresh and inspired.