Monday, January 11, 2010

baby love, part one

My friend Justine just had her baby, and I finally managed to get her baby package mailed out to her last week.... which means I can finally share all the goodies that I've been wanting to share for months now. This oh so luxurious baby alpaca crocheted blanket was the holdup. With the move, major work on the house, and then Christmas, it took a bit longer than I had hoped to complete :)
But so worth the wait. Baby alpaca yarn is just so luxurious. I mean, just look at this yarn. So soft and fluffy. I had a hard time parting with it, I have to admit :)
I was inspired to make her this blanket by two handmade blankets that were made for Tanner. My boss's wife made me a beautiful knitted baby alpaca throw in cream. I love this blanket. After receiving this blanket I decided that every baby needs to have one of these. Well, every baby whose mama appreciates handmade and luxurious fiber. Cause honestly it's too pricey to give to someone who can't appreciate it. But with Justine being a fiber artist, I knew this was to be my handmade gift to her. The other inspiration came from a travel sized crocheted blanket my friend Michelle made for Tanner. I made Justine's blanket travel sized too. I keep Tanner's in the car, it's the perfect size to keep him toasty warm in his car seat. And now that he's been riding in the shopping cart instead of on me in the baby wrap, the blankie comes to the stores with us too.

The other thing I made for my friend's baby is this cute patchwork quilted bib. This was inspired by her awesome quilting skills. It was my first time doing free motion quilting, so it was actually a two in one- a gift for my friend as well as practice for the quilt I'm making Tanner. It was really fun doing, and I hope the quilt goes as smoothly. Although I'm pretty sure there will be some cursing in the mix since the quilt is like 100 times the size of the bib.... and that gets pretty awkward in trying to work with.

And the things I've been dying to share for months now are the other handmade gifts that I purchased for her from Etsy. This handpainted nightlight by Earth Steps was just gorgeous! I'll definitely be getting one when we have a little extra cash.
And the seller was just awesome. I had convoed her prior to buying it, letting her know it would be a gift so to include her business info. She had misunderstood me and thought I was having it shipped to someone else, so she wanted to make sure she had the right address. This nice woman called me to confirm. On the phone. In the day of emails and texts. It was so nice of her. She had even put a nice little gift note in with the light without me requesting it, when she was thinking it was going directly to my friend. She shipped super quick too. It was by far the best customer service I've received with any online purchase.

One of the other gifts I wanted to share was this cute wooden teether by Little Sappling Toys. Super cute, very well made, and beautifully packaged. These guys were just the featured sellers on Etsy this week, so apparently they're liked by many. And the best part about these guys is they plant a tree for every order!
Baby Love, Part II to come soon.... the greatest baby love around here.... Some of the gifts I got for Tanner's first Christmas and his nursery that I'm finally able to set up! But that will have to wait till another day because that baby has been patiently reading (errr chewing) his book as his mama writes this post. Thanks Love!


Justine said...

I am in *love* with the stuff you sent! It is so nice, Heather!!! The quilting looks GREAT! I love those colors you chose! You should definitely add these bibs to your line! The nightlight is awesome, too! Thank you so much darlin'!!!

Danielle said...

Beautiful work mama! Well done.