Thursday, February 18, 2010

baby love, part deux

things have been busy around here.... hours spent playing and watching Tanner grow and develop, the never ending unpacking and organizing of the new house, hours have picked up at the day job, I've finally put together my new sewing space, tanner is zooming around the house hot on my tail on all fours.... this alone means vacuuming every day to avoid the fur coat he wears if i don't, along with attempting to mop the floors more often. Since I've assigned it Poppy's night to put him to bed, I'm sneaking in some time on the computer to... well, i guess waste :)

Even though Christmas was almost two months ago, I still want to share some of the beautiful things I purchase for Tanner. I knew he would be getting plenty of noisy plastic toys from family, so I decided to only purchase made in the USA, natural material toys. My favorite splurge was these wooden alphabet blocks in a pull cart by Uncle Goose.

Everything about these blocks is just fabulous... crafted in the USA out of sustainable USA harvested wood, non toxic inks, and the craftsmanship is perfect. I'm expecting these to become an heirloom of sorts. Tanner already loves knocking them around and pulling on the wooden ball to the cart. Before I know it he'll be spelling things out and I'll still be saying Where did my baby go (which is what I'm saying already as today marks his 9 month birthday).

I also bought a few handmade wooden push toys from Banished, including this cute giraffe and one of his painted fire trucks....
as well as that "learn" wooden sign for Tanner's play shelf. The craftsmanship on all of them is top notch.
The alphabet poster wasn't for Christmas, but was purchased around that time from Orange Ink. And I've mentioned that awesome Dream Big letterpress print from Roll and Tumble Press but now that it's all framed I'll gush some more about how much I love it :)
Ok, good, I got all that shared before it's officially two months past Christmas. so yeah, things are coming along around here. The number of days I feel like I'm getting my sh*t together is starting to outnumber the days I feel like nothing is getting done around here. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to share some pics of the new house soon.... I've been waiting until atleast one room is completely put together and done.... and we're getting close! Just in time for our lives to be dumped upside down again when we completey gut and remodel the kitchen :)

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J-momma said...

those blocks are beautiful! wooden is great. they last WAY longer than plastic crap.