Thursday, September 15, 2011


on an average week we head into the state forest a few minutes from my house several times during the week. for the past 12 years i've headed into that same state forest thousands of times. i guess it's become my meditation, that little stretch of woods. and i never knew that hiding right beyond the trail's edge there was this thing called a letterbox. not that i would have taken much interest in it before having kids. but having two mini adventurers by my side now, i thought letterboxing would be a perfect thing to start doing with tanner and noah. so the day before hurricane irene hit, we made a quick stop at the craft store to grab a stamp pad, a few small notebooks, and a stamp. then we headed to that oh so familiar trail to find that hidden letterbox, the treasure on our adventure that day :) i found letterboxing locations for my state through our department of environmental protection (DEP) website, but i'm sure there are many more hidden throughout the state.i'd like to say it was some great magical adventure. yes, it was fun having tanner unearth the hidden bag of stamping goodness from under a big rock. i think they'll both enjoy finding the other ones scattered across the state. but that will have to wait until the cooler, drier weather makes its way here. in all honesty, this little adventure turned into a dragging two screaming kids out of the woods event very quickly. the second we stepped off the trail into the denser woods and stopped moving to start stamping, we started getting chowed. the mosquitoes were rampant. as i tried my hardest to swat the dreaded parasites off my babes and myself, i remembered why i normally avoid this area of the woods during the majority of the summer. we've had such a dry summer, perfect heading into the woods weather.... perfect for wiping all memories of myself and Duke running down that same trail most other summers, swarmed with bugs, myself wondering what on earth i was doing there. a million bug bites later and those memories were perfectly clear :)

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