Saturday, February 4, 2012

organized messes- the scrap bin

I’m a big fan of organized messes when it comes to getting stuff done with the kids around.  A few weeks ago I desperately wanted to finish up a baby quilt I had been working on.  It just so happens our upstairs hallway is the perfect working space for a baby quilt.  And it just so happens I had discovered what fun a big tote bin full of colorful scraps of fabrics is to two young kids (and I know plenty of crafty adults that would find digging through a bin of hand dyed hemp, soy and bamboo scraps just as entertaining!).  So I threw up the gate and let them have at it with the bin and an old sewing machine while I  crawled around just beyond the gate.  And wouldn’t you know, I managed to get the entire quilt pinned and my quilting lines marked out.

I also find organized messes work great when trying to get certain things done in the kitchen when four little helper hands would make things a bit too hard.  I set the boys up with things like small dried beans, popcorn kernels, flour if I need to do a thorough cleaning anyways (they love the flour).  The kitchen usually ends up looking like a small tornado ran through a bakery, but it’s worth the few minutes of vacuuming time for a task completed with all entertained.

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