Tuesday, February 21, 2012

short-changing sweater = cute vest

remember, oh like 2 years ago, when i made my first attempt at sweater knitting
i had almost finsihed the body before it dissapeared into the oblivion of set aside projects. 

only to be unearthed nearly 2 years later, just in time for noah.  i came across this half knitted hooded baby sweater in my knitting basket a few months ago.  by that time i didn't feel confident in trying to make it into a sleeved, hooded sweater- knowing perfectly well that i find it impossible to stick exactly to a pattern.  i had vague memories of altering the pattern here and there, but where those here and there were, i no longer knew.

so the perfect solution?  finish up the body, ditch the arms and hood, crochet a trim around the neck and armholes, throw a few cute fish buttons to the front, and call it the cutest baby sweater in the house :)

the pattern is loosely based on the Colorplay Baby Hoodie (a free pattern from Lion Brand) and those equally adorable tree pants are from my talented friend Justine of Potomac River Goods.

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