Tuesday, February 28, 2012

works in progress


i started this shalom cardigan almost exactly a year ago.  last year my local yarn store had a super bowl sunday sale that i couldn't resist so i treated myself to this beautiful yarn (rowan cocoon) as a belated birthday present (yes my birthday is in november, so it was certainly belated, not early).

and then i knitted and knitted and knitted.  my first attempt at an adult sweater.  have i mentioned i'm a fairly beginner knitter?  as in the only knitting i have under my belt are a bunch of hats.  and have i mentioned that i find it absolutely impossible to follow a pattern without making any changes?  i don't know what compels me to make random changes, but with every pattern i use (whether knitting, crocheting, sewing) i find myself tweaking here and there, sometimes with no rhyme or reason.

and so keeping up with my tendencies, that's exactly what i did with this pattern.  it didn't help that i didn't make an accurate swatch.  and that the pattern isn't sized (in my head i was sizing it up a bit).  and so the end result was frogging hours and hours and hours and hours (2-3 skeins) of work.  i had finished the entire body and ended up ripping it out all the way up the yoke.  i waited to rip out all those hard worked stitches, tucking the sweater into my forgotten projects basket.  to pick it up when the pain of frogging all that work wouldn't be so sharp.  and it worked.  nearly a year later i ripped it all out and started fresh.  this time i've vowed to follow the damn pattern.  i will follow the pattern, i will follow the pattern, i will follow the pattern..... i mean, that is the point of a pattern, right?

peacocks and knitting baskets

along with the resurfacing of that sweater, came the resurfacing of a fascinating book that i purchased a few years ago.  i began devouring when it arrived, and then life happened.  two kids to be exact.  I pulled it off my bookshelf on sunday, blew the dust off of it, and got to work.
quinoa label
not quite what i bought it for, but the skills taught in this book worked perfectly for designing a series of labels for my mason jars that i have been envisioning for a few months now. 

labels that i will have available for a free download in the coming days!! 

my first download :)  so please so come back and check in a few days.  beautiful, informative labels for your quart sized mason jars that house your bulk foods (think quinoa, barley, steel cut oats).


Ellen said...

Sorry about the frogging. Your mantra reminded me of The Little Engine that Could. I know what you mean about wanting to veer away from the written pattern - sort of like a recipe. For me, I find that if it's a new pattern or recipe, I try to stick with it as written, then if I do again, I tweak it. And aren't knitting swatches a pain? Necessary but oh so yucky. That book sounds very interesting - I'll have to look it up. And those peacock feathers look like a pair of eyes.

rebekah said...

I love the Shalom! I was actually contemplating knitting one up for myself (as I tend to give them away to friends the minute I finish them) in some insanely luxurious yarn... Maybe I'll copy.