Thursday, March 8, 2012

amazed by

this boy.





this boy who was so quiet for so long.  animated, spunky, extremely smart and very loving, but oh so verbally quiet.  and then, as so many people reassured me, the floodgates were opened a few months ago.  as my own mom had predicted, it was like he was staying quiet, taking it all in, until he could get it all out.

and now it's all coming out.

these days i'm amazed by
-the conversations the boy and i are having, about everything and anything
-tanner's love for singing songs, and that he remembers so many lyrics
-his memory (as we were discovering some more with these simple puzzles that flowed into a memory game)
-how proud he is of that memory.... (pointing to his head) "big memory in head mama!"

most days, as i observed his remarkable comprehension of everything he encountered and heard, i knew the day would arrive when tanner would be chatting away.  but there were certainly many days when i worried about it, looking at other kids tanner's age babbling away word after tanner remained quiet.  worrying for nothing :)

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