Tuesday, March 6, 2012

fabulous finds

i've been finding some absolutely fabulous thrift store finds lately.  perhaps that directly correlates to the ridiculous amount of time i've been spending in my favorite thrift stores lately.  but that's besides the point, getting back to those fabulous finds....

here are my favorite finds from a trip to goodwill this past weekend.  i almost passed up this sweater.  it would have been a sin.  in the store it didn't look as cute as when i got it home and put it up to noah.  i was so thankful i threw it back into my cart.  it's a hand knit sweater in an unknown yarn.  it's stinkin' cute.  it was 75 cents.  what!??  i thought it was a steal at $1.49, but when i got to the register it was apparently on sale.  so jackie chorney, whoever you are, where ever you are, know that your precious hand knit sweater is getting another dose of love.


(pants are made by me from an upcycled merino wool sweater, felted and appliqued)

i've been on the search for good hiking boots for the boys, especially tanner.  we can't afford to buy them new (at $50 to $60 a pair, it just isn't happening), so i was so psyched to find a pair of vasque hiking boots for both boys.  in their current sizes!!!  these bad ass hiking boots don't even show any wear on the soles or the insoles, pretty sure they've never been worn!  i paid $4 for the black ones in tanner's size and $3 for the brown ones in noah's size.


and for me i found this gorgeous 100% cashmere cowl neck sweater.  it's so pretty and so soft.  i've scored a few cashmere sweaters over the past few months, but none can compare to this one.  look at the gorgeous stitch patterns in this beauty!  love at first sight :)  I paid $5.99 for it, and it's worth every penny.  I'd have to guess it's easily a $100 sweater since even the plainest and lowest quality cashmere sweaters retail for $50 to $60.


have you come across any fabulous thrift store finds lately?


rebekah said...

yes, bravo jackie chorney. That sweater is so intricate- beats the pants off anything I've made in the last ten years! great score!

Melissa said...

Holy Cow! Those are some awesome finds! I really need to get back into thrifting!

Bridget said...

Just posted this the other day on my best find in a while! So happy to have found your blog.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog, I'm really glad to see someone who truly appreciates it found the sweater my mother knitted about 25 years ago. She says its an authentic gansey pattern. I'm not sure which yarn she used, but knowing her, she used only the best yarns especially if it was going to touch a baby's skin. Out of curiosity, in which town did you find it? I'd be interested to know how far it traveled.

Heather said...

OH MY!!!! jackie chorney's daughter, what a small world! you can't even imagine how much this comment made my day. i found the sweater at the new haven, connecticut goodwill (don't know if you're from CT as well, but technically i think the store is in woodbridge, but is a minute from the new haven city line). where is your mother from? if you read this PLEASE do tell her that her sweater is a work of art and we have been enjoying it tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Jackie Chorney and you made my day!!!! Actually it was my son who posted. I live in Hamden and have been an obsessed knitter all my life. I made that sweater for my nephew and my sister-in-law treasured it and obviously took good care of it. She probably shared it with a friend and the rest of its travels are a mystery. I'm so happy you found it. I saw your website and you do lovely work. I love knitting; the more challenging and detailed the better. I proof alot of Not Just Plain Jane designs another fiber artist from Orange.