Thursday, March 1, 2012

mason jar labels for your bulk foods


i'm really excited to share the labels i designed for my bulk food jars!  recently i went on a shopping spree buying all sorts of new and old favorite bulk grains and flours for the baking kick i'm on.  but i quickly realized i wanted to streamline my storage of them.  my counter was overflowing with unlabeled mason jars and empty bags that were being kept for the cooking directions.  i wanted something visually pretty and informative right at my finger tips (as in no digging out cook books when i forget if it was the barley that was 3 1/2 cups water or the quinoa).  and here they are....
b-bwg-o-q final

click here to download your set of labels!  this current set includes quinoa, unhulled barley, steel cut oats, and buckwheat groats (my latest discovery in the whole grains, ooooo i just love these crunchy little niblets!).




they are sized at 3"x4", perfect size for the quart sized mason jar.  my jars have raised designs on all sides, so the labels take on the design of the jar.  in the near future i'm going to invest in some smooth sided glass jars to house all my dry bulk foods (i've ordered from this store and have been happy with their products.  i'd like to do a combo of new jars and some funky thrifted ones).

feel free to stop by here and share links to pictures of your jars fancied up with these labels!  i just ask that you be kind enough to link back to this page on any photographs showing the labels, thanks :)

any other bulk food items that you'd like to see labels for?  i'm thinking a sheet of strawberry jam ones for the jars we give away (we go through our homemade jam here wayyyyyy to fast to bother labeling it!).  and for a variety of flours so i can finally organize all the different flours i've been experimenting with.

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