Friday, March 2, 2012

simple things- biking before the snow







for two days tanner has come up to me in the morning and in his inquiring voice said "bike ride mama?". looking outside at the cold, i dodged the first morning's request. the second morning, after hearing the forecast of two days of snow starting that afternoon, i bundled us all up, pushed the snow blower out of the way, and unburied the bike and trailer. it was just a short cruise around the neighborhood, ending with snowflakes covering my hat and hair. but it was a good ride.

(my bike, one of my favorite purchased possessions, a trek navigator from one of their first lines of comfort bikes many years ago. love at first sight. bike trailer is an instep rocket. i'd change a few things about it [such as the non-structured seat], but it's built well and it's certainly served us well.)


melbatoast68 said...

Visiting via SouleMama...You're a good mama granting their wish. Have a great weekend!

Ellen said...

Look how eager and excited there are to get going on their journey! Poor mama! Were you all tuckered out by the time you returned home?