Friday, March 16, 2012

simple things- corners



when we first moved into our house i set up this little corner for tanner in our living area.  he ate lunch there sometimes, played with his salt dough there, colored, painted, set up his trucks there. 

then along came a baby brother who eventually was a baby brother on the move.  this little corner soon became neglected as all those various projects and activities had to be moved to the big table, out of baby brother's curious grasp.

we just recently revived this little corner, starting with breakfast in the mornings.  it brings me so much joy seeing my two (big!) boys sitting across from each other, sharing the morning light over muffins and juice.

(wooden table and chairs- ikea;  alphabet poster-  ink tree press;  dream big elephant letterpress print- roll & tumble press;  jamadoodle screenprint- animal sleep;  abstract art- tanner)

PS..... come join me on monday-  share your {into nature} inspiration and join me in the grassroots movement to get our children back to nature!


Amber said...

Oh, your post brings me hope! We too had a little table for art and snacks and such and then the baby became mobile...
Now my dining table is covered in art supplies and various projects. I keep thinking of the day I can bring out the table again and they can both work peacefully across from each other just like your boys are doing.

Rebekah said...

great wall art!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Such wonderful moments, love seeing two brothers together.

Visiting via Soulemama, have a lovely weekend.

Heather said...

thanks gals! amber, yes there is hope :) we definitely aren't at the crafts stage with this little table (as of now noah does good with crafts for a little bit and then most of them do end up going into his curious little mouth still!)... but it's nice that they can sit and eat breakfast without grabby baby hands trying to snatch tanner's food, no matter how much food is in noah's dish :)