Friday, March 23, 2012

simple things- creative reminiscing





a year ago this week i had my first creative project that felt right since giving birth to noah- gathering sticks up the road in the state forest, using power saws for the first time, creating tree branch buttons.  not for my shop, for me.  it was the first step in letting go of creative binds that i felt myself in. 

a year later most of those tree branch buttons have ended up getting mixed up with the "seconds" that adoringly became pirates booty for a then 22 month old tot.   a year later that pirates booty still carries the same magic, for a grown near 3 year old and his 16 month old baby brother.  and a year later that helping tower that was made on the same day as the buttons is still going strong (thanks to a very handy husband).

just over a year ago this week, this space, naturally crafted mama, was created.  it has been a year long transition from the former inner chatterings of ms. magnolia skies.  i have the feeling of being on the edge of something big- the edge of all these simple creative things that have been gathering in my mind over the past year.  and it was so simple to finally get there- openly embrace the present and accept change when it feels right.  let go of of the ties that bind when it feels like it is time.  simply let go

the time has come to let go of magnolia skies.  not today, maybe not next week, but i can see the end on the horizon.  it's time to make room for the the new places my creative heart is taking me.

ps- please join me on monday for {into nature}.... share your nature inspiration and encourage others to get into nature!


Laura Emily said...

love your reminiscing.
will have to join in on a coming up monday!

Amber said...

I've been wanting to make tree branch buttons for a while now...Mine would probably be co-opted by my kids as well. Your husband made your learning tower? I'm impressed! We recently got one as a Christmas present from the Grandparents (bought not made).

amanda {the habit of being} said...

love those buttons! it's funny how something so simple can free us from a creative draught.

Bridget said...

I love those buttons and I love that helping tower!! Thanks for the link. Sadly my husband isn't so handy with that kind of thing but maybe with the help of Ana White, I could be!:)

angie said...

I love the tree buttons, my daughter and I made some for a sweater I knit a while back, such fun. Your learning tower is gorgeous, mine are too big for such things at this point, wish I'd had one a few years ago though.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Love the buttons and the story that goes with them.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.