Friday, March 9, 2012

simple things- reminded


when i spotted this thrift store mug it instantly reminded me of my grandma.  she had a similar dish set with dandelions on it, with that same background pottery.   i had to take it home :)

i was very close with my grandma.  she was a very craft lady too.  i think that's where i get alot of my desire to make things.... cause, you know, those things are obviously genetic :)

here are my most treasured possessions from my grandma.  this is a tree mushroom that she etched in on an october day in 1978.  three years before i was born.  i love that she captured this day on a piece of nature and then kept it for nearly 40 years. 

and here are the amazing mushroom pillows she hand embroidered.  these pillows have so much detail in them.  and there's two of them!!!  and that buddha peaking out of the corner of the photograph, that was hers too.  not handmade, but i still love it.  yeah, my grandma was pretty awesome. 

PS..... don't forget to join me on monday.  come share your {into nature} inspiration and join the grassroots movement to get our children back to nature!


Melissa said...

OMG...those pillows! Just gorgeous! I have a needlepoint pic that my grandmother did. I can't imagine how long it took her because it's HUGE, but I so love it!

notyet100 said...

That mug looks cool,..

Amber said...

Those mushroom pillows are fabulous! And my grandma had mugs like that one, too. Yeah for Grandmas!

melissa said...

How lovely to have things to remind you of your grandma, and very precious to find something else that brings back memories of her. x

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Love your mug!!!!

Laura Emily said...

mug envy, over here!

Rebekah said...

I always compared my grandma to auntie mame. totally wacky and certainly couldn't bake you cookies. she could align your chi with polarity therapy, though. I look forward to your monday post!!