Monday, April 2, 2012

{into nature}

{into nature} is a weekly Monday post inspiring the exploration of nature. It is a grassroots effort to combat the nature deficit disorder in our current generations. Please join me in this movement back into nature by sharing your own nature inspiration, whether shared through photographs, words, poetry…. leave a link here in the day's comments for all to enjoy.
“For children, nature comes in many forms. A newborn calf; a pet that lives and dies; a worn path through the woods; a fort nested in stinging nettles; a damp, mysterious edge of a vacant lot- whatever shape nature takes, it offers each child an older, larger world… nature does not steal time; it amplifies it.” -Richard Louv

noah had a rough day thanks to four new teeth working their way out.  i had a rough day thanks to a very crabby babe.  there was alot of crying and whining, no napping, an overwhelmed tension- crankiness all around.  pat came home to an irritated mama and an over tired babe.  thankfully noah finally went down for a much needed nap.  i loaded up tanner and duke, headed into the nearby woods, and made it my mission to send all my irritation hiking. 

i told that part of me that just wants to move on the trail to stay home, that this trip into the woods was all about standing around and taking it all in.  i didn't need the irritation that can sometimes creep up when trying to get a near three year old moving on the trail when there are so many things to see and explore within a ten foot diameter.














a few hours later we arrived home with a sleeping tot in the backseat, a calmed dog, and much more grounded mama.  and of course the usual few new rocks to add to our collection. 


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Sounds like a well needed trip into nature. I do love how grounded and connected I feel after some time in nature.

Great pictures, looks like Tanner had a ton of fun.

Here's our {into nature} experience from the weekend

Have a great day!

Amber said...

I swear, nothing heals like a good long time spent in the woods, moving along a trail or just standing still.

Sadie Dear said...

I hate that so many kids suffer from nature deficits! I am so sensitive to the elements that I am guilty of keeping my kid inside too much. I resolve to make a way to get out more often so I can join in your initiative!

Rebekah said...

Everytime I check your posts on monday, I get the urge to get outside! beautiful photos of your trip. That waterfall shot- sooo pretty.

Dark Blue Dragon said...

This looks exactly how we spent our day today, except we had some of our good friends with us and lots of sunshine. It is funny to remember that they often will find a nook and stay there for hours. Ours spent an hour at the creek playing.

Lovely shots of your day!

Heather said...

thank you ladies for joining in, i love meeting all you nature loving souls! sadie dear, i can't wait for you to share your nature experience in the future. and rebekah, hearing that makes me smile... it is truly the reason i started this {into nature}- to inspire others and to be inspired myself to get outside!

hannahw said...

We love getting my litle one out everday and owing 30+ acres helps make everyday "nature day". My Wonderfull Wednesdays often have a nature theme.. cause really what could be more wonderfull than nature?!