Monday, April 16, 2012

{into nature}

{into nature} is a weekly Monday post inspiring the exploration of nature. It is a grassroots effort to combat the nature deficit disorder in our current generations. Please join me in this movement back into nature by sharing your own nature inspiration, whether shared through photographs, words, poetry…. leave a link here in the day's comments for all to enjoy.
“For children, nature comes in many forms. A newborn calf; a pet that lives and dies; a worn path through the woods; a fort nested in stinging nettles; a damp, mysterious edge of a vacant lot- whatever shape nature takes, it offers each child an older, larger world… nature does not steal time; it amplifies it.” -Richard Louv

for nearly 10 years i walked along the same state forest trail a few miles from our house- the trail that we still frequent to this day.  in those 10 years i don't think i ever saw the woodland spring flowers.  it wasn't until tanner started walking this trail with me, when i had to take the slower pace, that i discovered these woodland gems.  for the past two springs i have been in awe when the spots of crimson and yellow begin to pop up among the brown forest floor.

it's amazing what you will find when you take the slower pace and view the world through new eyes.











Amber said...

I love forest flowers too! They're much less obvious than the field wildflowers but so beautiful when you find them. There were so many lovely ones in the redwood forests where I used to live. Those purple ones remind me of wild ginger blossoms, but they're not those. Do you know what they are? So many East coast plants I'm not familiar with. Hope last week went well!

hannahw said...

Yes!!!!!!! I get so excited over woodland flowers! Just today as we were taking a walk on our nature paths, we pointed out several differnt flowers and fiddleheads!!

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cpcable said...

What an inspiration! I can't wait until my little guy is walking so that I can follow him on a child's walk.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I was peeking at the woodland flowers on my trail run today. I actually had to stop running to admire them. They are just starting to bloom here, so I suspect by mid week it is going to be pretty amazing along the trail.

And I love how are little ones force us to slow down and really enjoy the beauty around us. So many wonderful lessons they teach us.

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Heather said...

beautiful nature posts ladies! thank you for sharing the inspiration!

amber, the purple ones are Wake-robin (Purple Trillium, Birthroot) and the yellow is Trout Lily (Dogtooth Violet)... thank you for inspiring me to *finally* look up what these are!

Justine said...

OK! Trying this again! Couldn't get the comment to post on my iPad. Beautiful pics! Did you cook up those fiddleheads? You found a spot there, mama!

Heather said...

justine, you bet i cooked them up! my first time too :) i sauteed them along with some beet greens, garlic and baby spinach, then made a tartlet type thing with ricotta cheese, the sauteed greens, and an egg mixed together.... girl, it was goood!!!

Joan Concilio Otto said...

Wow, so glad I found this! We are "into" nature an awful lot... my daughter's newest thing was writing to the city officials who manage one of our local parks with a suggestion. (Blogged here: - LOVE this idea. We will definitely be more intentional about spreading the word, too!

Rebekah said...

trillium and fern fronds. Looks like our Pacific Northwest walks only drier!! I'm glad you do these 'into nature' posts. Every one could use a 'get outside' reminder, including myself.