Tuesday, April 17, 2012

organized messes- the wash station

awhile back the boys joined me while i washed up a bunch of my thrift store woolens- they had so much fun doing it that i tucked this activity into the back of my mind as an organized mess activity.  last week i put this activity into play- noah had just gone down for a nap and i had a huge kitchen mess to clean and some cooking to do.  so i gathered up my supplies to keep tanner busy right behind me while i cooked and cleaned.

what you'll need:
child height table
several bath towels
shallow tote bin
clothing items to be washed
dry towel

i laid down several bath towels from the hamper (they're likely to get soaked so you might as well use some that were headed for the laundry anyways), moved our kids table into the kitchen on top of the towels, found a shallow but large tote bin (this is one of those under the bed storage containers) and filled it with warm water from the kitchen sink sprayer- depending on how big your bin is, this can get heavy so be sure to have it on the table while filling if possible (just take my word on it, trying to carry an awkward heavy bin of water from the bathtub to the kitchen doesn't work very well!).  i had a few thrift store sweaters that were destined for felting, so i opted to let tanner wash these.  i hung a dry towel nearby for drying off.

give the little guy a small bar of soap and watch the fun happen! 




we're soap snobs around here, so the bar of soap is usually off limits to little hands (at close to $3 to $4 a bar, that's too much money to let go down the drain!).  at first tanner was unsure about using the little piece of soap i gave him, but once i assured him it was fine to play with, he went to town washing up those sweaters for me.  he stayed occupied with this activity for close to an hour.  at one point i turned around to see that he had taken off his fleece and was washing that too :)

the water did make its way off the towels a bit, but my floor needed cleaning anyways :)


Amber said...

Oh, I love that he started washing the clothes he was wearing too! Too funny!! Audrey loves washing things too! Dishes, clothes, baby doll hair, her brother...

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Little helping hands are the best, what a great way to involve him.

cpcable said...

What a great activity!