Friday, April 6, 2012

simple things- it's a small world wide web


the internet amazes me. even after so many years of using it, i'm amazed by it everyday. i can't help it, i'm a researcher at heart. and the world wide web is my database for every single wonder that pops into my head.

but every now and again, the internet shows just what a small world wide web it can be. leaving me downright astounded.

remember that fabulous finds post from a few weeks ago- where i showed you that amazing sweater i scored from the goodwill?  i gave a virtual thank you to the creator, jackie chorney, whose label was lovingly attached to the creation.  it was paying respect where respect was due.  nothing more.  i didn't write it expecting jackie chorney, "whoever and wherever" she was, would ever read it.  never in my wildest dreams would i have expected her to read it. 

and then i get an anonymous comment.  from jackie chorney's son, who just happened to stumble upon my blog.  crazy awesome, right?!  i now know a bit about this 25 year old sweater, so lovingly knit in an authentic gansey pattern for jackie's nephew all those years ago. 

simply astounding.


ps- please join me on monday for {into nature}.... share your nature inspiration and encourage others to get into nature!


Monika said...

It is a small world. I'd be amazed too. I've always wanted to thank the people that have loving made things that I found at the thrift store. What a rare and special treat. It is a great sweater.

Amber said...

That's so great! Like you're linked with her through the years by some invisible thread or something. Funny how we're connected to all these other people, even through the internet;)

hannahw said...

Oh wow.. that is amazing! It IS a small world!

Here is our moment... She adores her papa and her Peter Rabbit book!

KC Pagano said...

That's really awesome! I'm amazed there was a tag in there. Maybe I too should tag my creations for twenty 5 years from now! Thanks for sharing!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Wow, that is amazing and wonderful.

Enjoy your weekend, hope to be joining you again for {into nature} on Monday :)

cpcable said...

Oh! I just love when these thrifting connections are made! Wonderful. Just wonderful.

rebekah said...

that's crazy!!