Sunday, April 15, 2012

that messy bunny

was easter really a week ago already?  it came and went just as quickly as it snuck up on me.  this year i had a spark of great easter traditions i wanted to start with the boys.  i had been thinking about them all month.  but then it was easter eve and there i was scrambling to get even a basket put together, never mind execute all those awesome ideas. 

i did however get done the one idea that i really loved.  tanner has been taking an interest in animal tracks lately.  it inspired me to start this easter tradition- the messy bunny!  i don't know about your house, but on easter morning that bunny forgot to wipe his feet when he came in to deliver the easter baskets and hide the eggs.   these bunny tracks were the first thing that tanner spotted- he was ecstatic!  he couldn't believe that bunny forgot to wipe its feet, leaving messy footprints all over mama and papa's clean floor :)  to make the tracks i just mixed some flour and water to form a thick paste, then i blotted it into the shape of rabbit feet using a damp kitchen sponge.  brilliant!  this will definitely be a tradition that i will be doing every year.  

the rest of our easter was pretty low key.  tanner received a pair of binoculars (he keeps sneaking pat's expensive pair every chance he gets, so i knew this would be the perfect gift) and noah received an upcycled wool bear mask that i stitched up at about 10:30 easter eve (inspired by theses masks).  i knew our parents would be getting the boys lots of candy and chocolate, so i opted for a few m&ms mixed with goldfish, sesame sticks, and peanuts for the basket and hidden egg treats. 




we went to pat's sister's house for easter day.  i made a hummingbird cake with whipped cream cheese frosting (heavy whipping cream, softened cream cheese, and a bit of sweetener to taste, whipped until stiff peaks form)- this cake is good.  i opted to cut the sugar down to 1 cup instead of 2 after looking at the ingredients calling for 3 bananas and a can of crushed pineapple.  i'm really glad i did, the cake was plenty sweet and i think it would have been gaggingly sweet with the called for sugar.  i substituted about 1 cup of shredded unsweetened coconut for the missing cup of sugar.  i also made a half batch without any sugar, added a grated sweet potato, and made "cupcakes" for the boys for an easter breakfast treat. 

and the easter tradition i decided to put the ax to after this year....

the easter day picture on our front wall.  this is our 3rd year doing this shot, and every year it's been the same outcome- the squinty, hurry-up-and-take-this-picture-before-my-retinas-burn-out-of-my-eyes picture.  usually that garden is full of daffodils and tulips but the sun is blaringly bright this time of the year out there.  next year we move the picture to a shadier spot :)


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Justine said...

Girrrl, you so crafty with your bunny feet skilllz!