Monday, May 7, 2012

{into nature}

{into nature} is a weekly Monday post inspiring the exploration of nature. It is a grassroots effort to combat the nature deficit disorder in our current generations. Please join me in this movement back into nature by sharing your own nature inspiration, whether shared through photographs, words, poetry…. leave a link here in the day's comments for all to enjoy.
“For children, nature comes in many forms. A newborn calf; a pet that lives and dies; a worn path through the woods; a fort nested in stinging nettles; a damp, mysterious edge of a vacant lot- whatever shape nature takes, it offers each child an older, larger world… nature does not steal time; it amplifies it.” -Richard Louv

i feel like a crazy lady on the loose in the woods.  not in a good way.  the kind of lady that doesn't belong in the woods.  the kind of lady who screams at her kids, "get out of those leaves! get back on the trail! don't sit down on the trail!  bugs, bugs!  bad bugs!"
i know i'm not one of those mamas who is afraid of their kids getting dirty or getting to know some bugs.  i know i am a mama who lives for being in nature.  but sometimes i listen to myself and laugh at how i must sound if someone was to over hear me lately in the woods with my littles.  those damn bad bugs.  and i mean bad bugs.  ticks, my waking nightmare.
living in the lyme disease epicenter, i've always been aware of ticks.  i made sure i checked myself after any jaunt in the woods.  i didn't want lyme disease, but the threat of ticks did not keep me from the woods.  but now that i have two little beings following my steps, my view of the woods during peak tick season has drastically changed.  it started last fall, my tick nightmare.  totally made me reexamine our time spent in the woods during these crazy, disgusting peak times of tick activity.  in the simplest of terms, it freaked me the F out.  the thought of my babes contracting lyme disease scares me to the core.  enough to take a step back and make the decision to stay off of our trail for a bit.
just like last year, this has been forcing me to find new places.  slightly more groomed places than our regular stomping ground of the state forest.  it takes a bit more effort and we usually have to leash duke and drive a bit farther.  but the discovering and rediscovering of these cool little spots, without quite so heavy of a worry of those bad bugs, makes the inconveniences a little less inconvenient in the big picture.











hannahw said...

We are over run wth ticks this spring-- I am guessing the winter just wasn't cold enough to kill some of them off. Each day we pull ticks of various little ones and various body parts.

Here is my {into nature} post:

Monika said...

We don't have a major tick problem in our state thank goodness. My husband is from VA and has many tick stories. I found this natural repellent that can be made. Obviously, I've not tried it, but it might give you a little peace of mind?

Amber said...

We have a lot of ticks around here. Not as bad as those of you out East. But quite a few non-the-less. I have a good friend with Lymes. Nightly tick checks and more well-groomed places are my choice this time of year as well. Audrey was doing a tick-check on her baby doll the other night. I think the lesson has sunk in :)

Melissa said...

Oh I hate the ticks and they are bad this year. I have almost grown boys and they have to endure the "check." Drives them nuts, but that's my job.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I how I hate ticks. They are moving north into Ontario, in fact just heard a news report about it this morning. About month ago we found our first ever tick on our dog - we had no idea what it was until I looked it up...I was not pleased.

At least we can find places that are a little safer this time of year and still allow us time in nature and some fun. It looks like it all worked out :)

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Forgot to share our link, here it is

Heather said...

i'm glad to hear you ladies are staying very conscious of ticks- lyme disease is nothing to mess around with, scarily disabilitating if not caught in time.

monika, thanks for sharing that link, my bug repellant is based off of this recipe... but seeing this recipe again reminds me i should do an oil based one to apply directly to our exposed skin. the spray i make is great for covering clothing and shoes but i imagine an oil would give that extra oomph we need for exposed areas.