Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the mama-mades

so as expected, i didn't completely stick with the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge.... but it wasn't a complete wash either.  i can now walk into my sewing room (which over the months has become the catch-all storage room) to a clear workspace and i now have the perfect pants pattern for the boys.  i also confirmed that i am not a night time sewer these days.  and that sewing at long lengths (like longer than 20 minutes) during the day with two littles just doesn't work for me either.  

the week got busy for me.  me.  as in i got in a ton of me time this week.  the longest consecutive stretch of me time in three years.  two nights in a row out with friends and music, followed by a day hike with some good friends, followed by a nice afternoon foraging with pat.  kids free for a few hours each day for four days straight, doing me things.  it was awesome.  it was refreshing (even despite the two nights of 4 hours of sleep each).  it was just what this mama needed.

when i saw that the end of my week was turning into something amazingly needed, i let go of the challenge.  but before doing that, i did manage to get these two pairs of pants stitched up for the boys.



tanner's lounge pants were sewn in a curious george cotton calico.  tanner picked this fabric himself on a pre-christmas shopping trip to the fabric store.  yes, this fabric was supposed to have made it under the tree in the form of pajama pants.  i used a self drafted pattern and for the waistband a used the stretch and sew method to attach a band of stretch organic cotton/soy microterry.  i forgot how quickly bottoms sew up using this waistband method!  tanner loves them.




noah's pants were sewn in a hemp/organic cotton/yak hair blend- it is embarrassing how long i've had this fabric in my stash for.  this is a great fabric for light, airy pants- a very similar look, feel, and drape to linen.  i used the same exact pattern as tanner's pants, just shortening the legs (it's amazing what a cloth diapered bum does for sizing!).  i did a no roll elastic casing waistband.  these pants came out perfect, i'm very happy with the final drafted pattern!

i also stitched a pair of soy/organic cotton microterry shorts for noah, but it was before i adjusted the rise on the pattern- i have to pull them up to his chest for them to fit right :)  so they got tossed in my redo pile, hopefully someday soon i will rip the waistband off and lower the rise. 

that's it for the mama-mades this week- i'm glad this challenge got me back into the sewing room for a bit this week :)


Melissa said...

I'm glad you got some Mama time. It's good to step away sometimes. The pants are cute but the boys are cuter :) You did a great job on both!

Amber said...

So glad you got to finish a few pants for them (they're adorable) but even happier you got some time for yourself! Sounds like a great week. My sewing space looks like a tornado hit it;)

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Yay for mama time, sounds like an amazing few days you had.

Cute pants, love the pattern Tanner picked :)