Wednesday, May 16, 2012

work in progress- making the boy a buddy

i've been wanting to make tanner a buddy for quite awhile now, but finally decided to get down and do it for his birthday this week.  i didn't want to have to order any supplies online (like the wool stuffing and the cotton stuffing), so i dug through my mountain of crafty stuff and decided on cutting strips of a thrifted cashmere strips to use for the head and an old knee high stocking in place of the cotton stocking.  my friend passed along a tutorial by magic cabin dolls.  unfortunately she no longer had the pattern pieces, so i've been slowed down by trying to create my own.  as of right now i'm not happy with my arm proportions so i just purchased an e-pattern for a waldorf doll tutorial and pattern.  hopefully i'll get it today so i can get moving again and finish tanner's fishing buddy by friday- nothing like some last minute deadlines!!  i also decided i'm going to break down and purchase some cotton knit fabric for the "skin".... i'm not happy with my natural colored hemp knit and bamboo knit for this project. 

hopefully i'll have a finished fishing buddy to share for next week!


Amber said...

I was hoping to see pictures of this! I'm excited to see how he ends up. Good luck!!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to see this completed. I'm so impressed.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

You rock mama!!! Can't wait to see it finished.