Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the carrot sessions

boy carrots
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and we have carrots!  like the beets, the third time is a charm.  i was curious how they were doing, kind of assuming they weren't doing anything at all as in past years.  so i was quite surprised when a bright orange gem popped up. 

these carrots of ours won't last past the weekend.  every time i turn my back tanner is yanking up another one to eat.  the first evening he ate at least ten.  that's cool though.  it's the first vegetable he will eat raw.  he won't even eat the store bought carrots raw.  but these, the ones he helped me sow from seeds his tiny fingers dropped into holes, he gobbles up.  noah too.  and the neighborhood friend.

and for that, these orange gems of mine are most certainly the most smile worthy crop i've reaped to date. 


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Love the pics! Enjoy your carrots :)

KC Pagano said...

My daughter Sofia loves carrots from the garden. She will even go so far as to eat the leaves. She loves eating veggies right off the plant. I'm nto going to stop her for sure!

Melissa said...

I think it's so great that Tanner wants to eat "his" carrots. Hope you all enjoy them!

Amber said...

Cute pictures! A and G love eating carrots straight from the garden. We were just over at a friend's garden today and they both had handfuls and were so happy. Carrots and peas. They'll make gardeners out of any kid.

Bridget said...

Just planted some mini carrots in a pot and I'm so curious to see what they will do! Will be fun to watch anyway. Yours look great!!