Friday, July 20, 2012

sewing for the sake of it

the other day i found myself horribly mad at myself.  i had a clothing order that needed to be altered in order to ship it to the lovely gal, and i couldn't even get myself into my sewing room.  it was combination of being busy with work and daily living, the huge disaster that my sewing room was, and just a feeling of being overwhelmed at how fast time has been flying by lately.  i'm feeling like my days are a blur.  not a bad blur, just a summertime blur.  that hazy sublime shade of red.  a blur that sometimes needs to come into focus so that tasks in need of getting done get done.  summertime is a really hard time for me when it comes to focusing.  i'm definitely more of a ride the wave kind of gal when it comes to summer.

but things need to get done.  the dishes need to get washed.  i need to go to the office.  i need to go into my hot stuffy sewing room and do what needs to be done.  focus on the task, just ignore that bright blue sky for a bit and get it done.

and so i found myself in my sewing room, fan blowing, music on, getting things done.  i cleaned it nearly spotless.  put things where they belonged.  i stitched up that buttonhole.  and then i kept stitching.  just because.  because the focus felt good.  sure i stole a few dozen glances out at sunny day passing me by.  but i convinced myself that it was ok, another summer day would be awaiting me tomorrow. 


i'm not sure what the fate of this dress will be.  but at the time i just had to make it.  perhaps it will go into the future shop.  or perhaps it will get tucked away as a gift for a future babe.  i don't care.  all i care is that i enjoyed making it.  sewing for the sake of sewing- on a sunny summer day to boot.  just like the old days.


Melissa said...

Very cute!

Amber said...

Yes, I understand all of that. Sometimes you just have to make something for the sake of making it. It's adorable! Enjoy your summer weekend, Heather.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

You just whipped that up??? It is lovely.

And I completely understand where you are coming from.

Enjoy your weekend Heather.

hannahw said...

Beautiful "pillow case dress"!