Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the boy and his squirrel pants

over the winter we had a squirrel move into the big maple tree outside of our dining room window.  he greeted us several mornings a week while we ate our breakfast.  the boys greeted him back with squeals of delight.  there was much talk about that squirrel.  he's since moved on to another tree (presumably one with one less stalker of a cat and loud mouth of a dog!).  but noah has continued to talk about that squirrel.  anytime he finds an acorn he calls up to the trees, SQUIRREL!!!!!

so naturally when i found myself with the sewing bug again, i decided on a squirrel applique for these fall pants.  this is a pattern i designed back when tanner was noah's age now.  i perfected it over the spring with this pair, and now it's definitely my go to pattern for the boys.  the awesome thing about this pattern is aside from the length, it fits both boys.  the bulk of cloth diapers on noah fills the bum right out, and tanner's slim bottom fits it perfectly.  adjust the length and cut a different sized elastic for the waist, that's it. 
i added a double layer cuff at the bottom to extend the wearing time- this fall he'll wear the cuff folded up.
while noah wasn't being the most photogenic model as i tried to get a good picture of the pants, he certainly was an excellent tester of mama's sewing skills.  he went right into head stands and break dancing moves, testing every stitched seam on these pants :)
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Melissa said...

Very cool pants! The model is pretty dang cute too!

Amber said...

Cute! I love the squirrel.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Oh my so cute, love them!

hannahw said...

Great pants! Especially since we call our newest little one Squirrely for a nickname!